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With 6 children, the Pennell household is never dull!!   With 4 of the 6 children still at home (and 2 full time jobs), the stresses of trying to get their children to different activities was the biggest issue they faced. In fact, this is how the concept of LuRoos was created.  

While hectically driving from place to place and having to call in favors from many friends and family members at the last minute, the Pennells decided that "there must be a better way".  

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Dee Pennell is an incredible man that has dedicated his life to caring and providing for his family!  He is very involved in the lives of his children and really enjoys all the activities in which they are involved.  Serving others truly makes Dee happy.  He strives to create meaningful partnerships with everyone and serves our community passionately.

Professionally, Dee has the ultimate entrepreneurial spirit!  He is very experienced in both information technology and sales.  Dee has a Computer and Electronics degree and worked in an Information Technology capacity for 20+ years. In 2005, he switched careers to sales and found real estate to be very fulfilling. His experience in sales and information technology is an essential part of the management of LuRoos.

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Nikki Pennell's #1 love in life is her family!  She also loves working with children and serving others. In 2011, Nikki helped create The Dream Center of Randolph County and served on the Board of Directors for two years. Nikki has also served as the Director of Community Outreach at her church for several years. 

Nikki has a keen sense of business and relationships.  She received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and has also attained her Masters of Business Administration. She has primarily worked in the financial analysis field, which she enjoys.